Leti Garza is a recipient of the Silver Medal Award of the Global Music Awards 2022 for Outstanding Achievement for her song Borderland. May this song continue to touch hearts.

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Leti Garza; entertainer, musician, singer-songwriter, educator and producer from Houston, Texas, connects the world through music. She comes from a celebrated family of singer-songwriters across the Americas. Let Garza has two projects from which she continues to develop her music, both with classic cover tunes, as well as originals. Leti Garza y La Banda, a Latin Jazz DANCE Band, draws from the North American influences of Latin Jazz, Pop and Salsa; the Afro-Caribbean rhythms of Cuba, the dance rhythms of Colombia and the Dominican Republic and the bossa nova and samba rhythms of Brazil. The Leti Garza Trio, a LISTENING band, also draws from the Afro-Caribbean rhythms of Cuba’s son, but adds danzon and boleros; the valses and baladas of Mexico; the trova traditions of South and Central America; Brazil’s bossa nova and samba and finally, American Folk music. Leti Garza is a global Tejana, and her music refuses categorization. With an international repertoire of original tunes and classics, she fuses these influences, with a musical theater actor’s artistry. With the soulful voice of Leti Garza and driving rhythms she creates, you will be left with a longing for more.



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