Leti Garza

the artist

Leti finds herself in translation. She is actively transforming, reclaiming that which was lost, abandoned or tucked away because of the complex nature of assimilation. Her voice and her deep sense of heritage and family inform her music without limiting her ability to shift and shape sounds outside of her comfort zone.

Leti Garza ~ artist ~ born in Houston, Texas ~ grew up next to oil refineries and the smell of sulphur. The wild, wide landscape of the Texas Gulf and the oil refineries surrounding her, gave her the juxtaposed senses of the real and sublime.

She shifts, as does the demands of the roles she plays. Leti Garza  is a vocalist and bandleader, dancer, writer and actor.

She has the ability to draw from a vast resource of cultures and transform the music into her own while paying homage to the roots from which they were born.

She is a reflection of all of the people, cultures and music she has encountered throughout her life: absorbing, meditating, reflecting, and expressing these exchanges poetically.

In her music, the initiation of direction and artistic response is dependent upon experiences, past, present and future.

She has, through the support of her family, friends and community, been able to fuse life as art.

“It never mattered what type of art or creative endeavor; all roads led to exploration, revelation of truths, inclusivity, passion and evolution.” ~ Leti